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Our Psychology courses provide you with the wonderful opportunity to increase your understanding of human behaviour, and study all the areas of the human mind and how it operates.

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Learn the theory behind the skills and techniques used to successfully help young people work through their problems and issues with counselling and mental health.
Learn all the skills needed to thrive as a caregiver, safety procedures, aged care related legal and ethical knowledge. Use your new skills to help a wide range of people in a variety of contexts.
Learn the theory behind the skills and techniques used to successfully help people work through their problems and issues with counselling.
Gain valuable skills with a Certificate in Aged Care & Counselling. Understand the challenges and rewards involved in supporting older adults through lifestyle changes, learn techniques used in grief counselling, and help people face ageing with a positive mindset.
This Career Academy course delivers valuable tools and insights to help you better understand children and adolescents’ mental health challenges. This certificate offers critical knowledge for anyone guiding a child through these crucial formative years.
The Certificate in Career Counselling will give you the skills to help others grow, change, and manage their careers as a professional career counsellor.
Gain an employer recognised Certificate in Payroll Administration. Learn the fundamentals of Payroll legislation, payroll software and administration. Increase your job prospects or move forward in your career. Gain 10 CPD hours on completion.
Many people have periods in their life that they find difficult to manage. Being a life coach requires planning, motivation and a genuine desire to help others .
Teenage years can be very difficult for all members of the family. Examine the life changes each adolescent must navigate on their journey to adulthood. Understand the role transitions and crises faced by young people.
Delivered by a Psychology & Mental Health specialist, you will understand the signs, symptoms and possible treatments of adult mental health problems. Build your confidence and skills when relating to people with mental health issues.
This course is a perfect introduction to understanding the human mind. Gain an exciting overview of the world of psychology; understand and influence behaviour. Use your skills to motivate people in your career and personal life.
Understand psychological ailments, Aetiology, symptoms, prognosis, and possible treatment options with this online course. Designed for those looking to increase their knowledge of complex psychological issues.
Intermediate level psychology & counselling course Learn to lead teams well & have positive office relationships Gain skills in effective communication skills & conflict resolution
If you are passionate about working with children and young people then this online course is perfect for you. You will learn about theories of childhood development, as well as develop core counselling skills and more.


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Yes, you can begin your journey towards being a counsellor with 100% online courses at The Career Academy. You should also get some industry experience to understand what is required on a daily basis.

The Diploma in Psychology & Counselling is a qualification that teaches the theory behind some skills and techniques used to help people work through problems with counselling. 

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a free 12-month membership to the International Association for Counselling.

Yes. The Career Academy offers a variety of online psychology courses, these range from introductory courses through certificates and into diplomas – which give you a more advanced idea of what it takes to understand and motivate people.
The Career Academy offers several great courses that allow you to understand basic psychology. You could start with an Introduction to Psychology & Counselling to explore fundamental concepts in psychology.
Psychology can be an enriching career, providing many opportunities to increase your understanding of human behaviour. 
Our Psychology & Counselling Course is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of psychological principles and counselling techniques. For detailed information, you can request a course guide which outlines the curriculum, duration, and other specifics.
Absolutely, our courses are designed to accommodate students from various backgrounds and educational levels. Our course structure and tutor support are tailored to help you succeed at your own pace.
You can receive the course guide by contacting us directly through our website or by providing us with your email address. We will promptly send you a detailed guide that includes all the information you need to get started.
The cost of the course varies depending on the payment plan you choose. You can pay upfront or opt for a weekly payment plan of price
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