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From business soft-skills, team leadership and marketing to events, weddings and tourism, The Career Academy covers a wide range of Hospitality & Management Courses online, These are some of the topics crucial to success. If you need to upskill, start here.

Introductory-level event management course, become a certified event manager with flexible online learning. Developed by experienced event management industry professionals, get started in an exciting new, fast paced career.
Advanced-level management course. Learn the advanced theories & concepts of successful management. Gain an employer recognised qualification to boost your CV
Intermediate-level event management & wedding planning course – learn from professionals in the industry and earn a certificate to add to your portfolio. Start your own events management or wedding planning business.
Anger affects us all. Whether it’s the pressures of work, family life, or just having something go wrong during the day, anger is a fundamental part of being human. But in some cases this anger can be detrimental to people’s lives.
Project management is a critical function of any organisation. Delays not only cause frustration, they cost valuable time and money. Therefore, a good project manager is critical to the running of any company, from the smallest start-ups to the largest corporations.
Learn the foundation theories and concepts of successful management. Get an insight into organisational structures and problem solving techniques. Gain a solid understanding of employing people and managing staff.
Start your own Event Management Business! Gain a Certificate to add to your portfolio, and learn to run events, from conferences and sales meetings to gala dinners and awards.
Take your business career to the next level with this diploma. Covers practical skills in Accounting, Management, Marketing, IT, Leadership
Introductory-level online personnel management course, learn the skills necessary to create great teams, and have their work to their highest potential. Earn an employer recognised certificate in personnel management.
This accredited online course will help you set up MYOB Payroll, connect your payroll to your accounting system and save time managing payroll and PAYG returns.
Putting your best foot forward begins with finding the right path. When you prepare properly to start your own business, you accelerate your chances of success. This Start Your Own Business course leads you from preparing your business plan through budgeting, forecasting, financial statements and other essentials.
Understand how a hotel operates and learn effective management policies, learn to manage a variety of hotel food services including room service, bar and restaurant. Improve the ratings of your current hotel with new knowledge and deeper insight!
This advanced level online payroll management course will help you learn the necessary skills from 6 rich courses, and step into the payroll sector.
Introductory-level online financial management course. Learn the fundamentals to budgeting and forecasting. Acquire new skills to kickstart a career in accounts, bookkeeping or financial management.


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If you’re eager to enhance your Management and Team Leadership skills and advance your career, then a Diploma in Management & Team Leadership is a great way to start.
The Certificate in Management Fundamentals can help you fast-track your career. It will provide you with a solid base of Management Fundamentals to help you succeed.
The Certificate in Business Management will teach you fundamental business management knowledge. You’ll learn how to develop a business plan and set up the right business structure, understand financial reporting and taxation requirements, and grasp the principles of marketing and social media principles. This online course is ideal for those starting or managing a small business.
You’ll learn skills that could help you advance your career and allow you to apply for management or more senior roles.
The Diploma in Management & Team Leadership will elevate your chances for success when applying for management positions. Adding this diploma to your CV will demonstrate to employers that you have capabilities useful in a managerial role.