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Advance your Excel skills with our practical course

✔ Upskill online using the latest version of Microsoft Excel
✔ Gain a Certificate in Microsoft Excel and stand out to employers
✔ Updated course material with the latest Excel functions, tips and tricks

Our Online Excel Certifications

  • Understand Excel essentials
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Receive a Certificate in Excel
  • This practical course will set you up to use Excel with ease. You will gain a Certificate in Excel, which you can share with prospective employers.
  • Learn how to organise and analyse numbers
  • Perfect for bookkeeping and accounting roles
  • Receive an Intermediate Certificate in Excel
  • Learn how to manage and present data in meaningful reports using imports, VLOOKUP and pivot tables.
  • Perfect for accounting, finance or business roles
  • Receive an Advanced Certificate in Excel
  • Gain a comprehensive and practical understanding of how to use Excel to turn meaningless numbers into useful information
  • Perfect for accounting, finance or business roles
  • Receive an Advanced Certificate in Excel
  • Developed by a highly qualified Microsoft expert
  • Learning online allows you to study anytime, at home or the office
  • Receive tutor support via email or by calling our toll free number

Receive Unlimited Support From Experienced Professionals

Our tutors at The Career Academy are industry experts who are passionate about helping students succeed. Students receive unlimited tutor support via phone and email.


Katie (Psychology Tutor)

Katie works as a Psychology & Counselling tutor at The Career Academy. She recently graduated from a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours from the University of Tasmania. Katie previously worked as a tutor while at university and she hopes to use her tutoring skills and passion for psychology to help students at The Career Academy.


Bess (Psychology Tutor)

Bess came to us after studying at the Auckland University of Technology. Now, she helps The Career Academy’s students get the most out of their Psychology courses. Nothing is more rewarding for Bess than when she sees students getting excited about their course, and finds tutoring is a great way to get insights into the lives of her students.

Bess is thinking about extending her tutoring experience and going back to study to become a primary school teacher, where she’d trade her students for ones who are a little younger.

Outside of psychology, Bess spends her free time at the gym, getting stuck-in with classes that get the rest of The Career Academy office sweating from just thinking about.

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