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Certificate in Accounting

Learn accounting and take yourself to the places you want to go. Basic accounting skills are valued across a wide range of professions, and learning how to use Xero and MYOB effectively could be the first step towards the career you want. This professional Certificate in Accounting will enable you to grasp the basics of accounting, cashflow management, income tax, GST, payroll and financial statements. Gain a Professional Accounting Certification.

Introduction to Bookkeeping

Understand bookkeeping basics 101, like the types and structures of businesses, what external factors may influence a business, how to calculate GST, and how to use financial statements to understand and convey your position. Become a bookkeeper for your business, work freelance or apply for Bookkeeping positions with larger firms.

Certificate in Xero

Get payroll certification online with a Certificate in Xero Payroll. Learn the ins and outs of cloud accounting, navigate the Xero Payroll dashboard and construct and use pay templates to save time and streamline employee earnings changes. With payroll certification knowledge, you simplify your business processes and grow capabilities for current and future roles.

Certificate in Business Management

This small business management certificate teaches you how to develop a business plan and choose the best structure for your venture. You will receive a grounding in financial reporting, marketing, and tax – and get some tips for running your social media accounts.

Certificate in Business Administration

The Career Academy Certificate In Business Administration provides a fantastic springboard for upskilling in your current role or could open the door to an exciting new career. Learn software like Microsoft Excel, MYOB and Xero, and how to make professional presentations with Powerpoint. This Certificate in Business Administration teaches you about standard business systems and procedures, introduces you to relevant employment law, and shows you the importance of effective communication in the workplace.

Certificate in Psychology & Counselling

Study counselling training to explore effective communication skills and conflict resolution techniques. Learn
who works in the therapy and counselling sectors and what constitutes the appropriate use of psychoanalysis. Discover
how group behaviour and decision-making work, define abnormal behaviour and learn the difference between acute and
chronic stress, and more.

Certificate in Animal Care

If you have a great passion for animals and their well being, then this course will suit you down to the ground. It’s a course where you’ll gain vital skills and a real knowledge of how to provide the best care for companion animals. Whether you’re currently working with animals, looking to work with animals in the future, or simply love animals and want to provide them with the best care possible; then this is the ideal course to take.

Certificate in Medical Reception and Terminology

Enrolling in a medical terminology course online is a great way to get to the front of the queue for sought-after medical receptionist roles. Along with an introduction to Medtech software and MS Word, you will learn fundamental terms across several medical disciplines. Discover the scope and nature of medical terminology, explore ways to discuss medical procedures, study medical and pharmacological terminology, and begin to understand commonly used terms for the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and immune systems.

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