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How To Prepare For A Job Interview – 5 Easy Steps

Published 29th March, 2023

There is a whole world of job interview tips out there in the digital landscape. So who can you trust? Market research companies? Lifestyle bloggers? Who really knows how to prepare for a job interview?

At The Career Academy, it’s our pleasure to share our expert knowledge and job interview tips. We know a thing or two about careers and we even have a dedicated Career Centre that all our enrolled students can access online.

Suppose you are tossing up between different study methods. In that case, it pays to take a little time to explore the benefits of online learning and discover ways to maximise your potential if you decide to take the plunge.
At The Career Academy, we have put together some points to consider as you figure out which learning method will work best with your life and learning styles.
Read on to tap into some online study tips, discover online learning advantages, and make an informed decision about your future.

1. Staying Safe & Connected


If you want a job, you first need to find out what is currently available and the days of trawling through the newspaper for work are long gone! As you head out into the digital world, it’s important to understand that some job sites will be more trustworthy than others.

When figuring out how to prepare for a job interview and visiting online sites to connect with employers, you should ensure you are not giving out personal details that could compromise your online security.

For instance, no job listing should ask for your bank account without a formal contract. You should generally never need to send images as part of getting ready for a job interview, and no one should be asking for a passport, driver’s licence or birth certificate at the initial point of contact.

If you want to avoid pitfalls, it’s pretty easy – just pop into The Career Academy’s online Career Centre portal – you can access this as soon as you are enrolled.

We provide all our enrolled students with easy links to reputable job boards, so you can be confident that the job you are applying for is authentic.

2. Write Up A Professional CV


A large part of how to prepare for a job interview effectively comes down to that very first impression. If you have a dusty old CV or no CV, you must spend time accurately, clearly and concisely collating all your background information, accomplishments, and skills.

Each CV should be tailored toward the position you are applying for, and there are some very definite rules for what should be listed and what should be left out.

If this feels daunting, we can help. The Career Academy provides all students access to professional-looking CV templates – you can just follow the format and pop your personal information into the template.

Showing up in a massive pile of applications with a polished CV that ticks all the boxes is one way to find yourself moving closer towards getting ready for a job interview.

3. Get Your CV Checked


It may be that you have spell checked your CV ten times, but you could still have grammar errors, or you may have all the correct information but in the wrong order.

Part of the service at our Career Centre is ensuring that you have the support you need when you are getting ready for a job interview. We provide a CV check for all students; it’s free, fast and non-judgemental. Checking it twice is nice – so get in touch today to make sure you are showing up looking great.

You can also ask one of our helpful staff to ensure that you are accounting for the mysterious world of resume filtering software – but that’s a whole other blog 😉

4. Zoom, Zoom – Fix Up, Look Sharp!


The world has shifted to digital contact processes swiftly and efficiently, and when you are thinking about how to prepare for a job interview, you may be looking at a Zoom meeting.

So what are the rules for a Zoom meeting? Have you ever had a Skype, Slack, Google Meet, or MS Teams appointment? There are some reasonably specific job interview tips to consider here to ensure you have a smooth online meeting.

First, think about your appearance. This is a job interview, so you need to look polished and professional – even if you are Zooming in your bathroom to escape household noise.

Wear a tidy outfit – you could even opt for a suit depending on the types of roles you are applying for. It pays to dress head to toe even though you only appear from the waist up. It will make you feel more formal and could help you come across as more relaxed.

Think about the noise factor and make sure you won’t be interrupted. If you do not use a background filter, check what will be visible to others in the meeting – a plain background, a bookshelf that is SFW, or a lovely plant are all good starting points.

Download the App you need before the meeting and familiarise yourself! If you need help understanding how to be ready for an interview at home, please ask the friendly team at The Career Academy.

5. Job Interview Tips


Interview practice should start well before the day. Preparing for a job interview is a process improved by preparation.

If you are travelling to an onsite interview, be sure that you have the address correctly entered into your maps app, look at how long it will take you to get there and factor in a 15-minute window beforehand so that you don’t arrive feeling rushed.

For in-person interviews, take a few calming breaths before entering the room. Be ready for a couple of breezy questions about how your day is going or whether you found the place easily – a good interview will balance out the more formal aspects with some lighter moments – you may even laugh.

At The Career Academy, we love to hear success stories from our students, and we are on board to help you better understand how to prepare for a job interview.

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