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Dog Training & Grooming Market Value | Benefits & Challenges

In today’s pet-centric world, the demand for dog grooming services is on the rise, and this trend is particularly evident in Australia. Pet owners across the country are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of proper grooming for their beloved furry friends. As a dog groomer in Australia, you would play a crucial role in enhancing the health, hygiene, and overall well-being of dogs.

The pet grooming services market in Australia is a part of the larger global industry, which was estimated to be valued at nearly USD 151.23 Million in 2021. While specific market figures for Australia may vary, the overall growth trends and factors driving the industry are quite similar.

Factors such as rising pet expenditure, an increasing number of pet groomers and grooming businesses, expansion of service offerings, and the growing trend of pet humanisation are fueling the growth of Australia’s pet grooming services industry.

It’s worth noting that the COVID-19 pandemic had a temporary impact on the industry, with the closure of non-essential services, including pet grooming, due to government-imposed movement restrictions. However, the industry has been steadily recovering since 2021, and the demand for grooming services has been increasing as pet owners recognise the benefits of regular grooming.

In Australia, pet owners understand that grooming goes beyond just appearance. Services such as bathing, brushing, and nail clipping are essential for maintaining the physical health of pets. Regular grooming allows owners to closely examine their pets’ coats, eyes, ears, teeth, and nails, helping to identify and address any potential health issues.

In terms of market segmentation, dogs are the dominant pet type segment in Australia, reflecting the global trend. The majority of pet owners in the country own dogs, and they are more likely to seek professional grooming services. However, the cat pet type segment is also growing steadily and is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years.

When it comes to service types, the massage/spa & others segment holds a significant share of the market in Australia. These services, such as bathing, brushing, blow drying, massage, and teeth cleaning, are highly valued by pet owners as they contribute to the overall well-being of their pets. Additionally, the shear & trimming segment, which focuses on grooming pets’ hair and nails, is also gaining popularity.

In terms of delivery channels, commercial facilities currently dominate the pet grooming services market in Australia. However, there is a growing demand for at-home and mobile grooming services as pet owners seek convenience and personalised care for their pets.

The Australian market for pet grooming services aligns with the global market trends, with a focus on pet health, hygiene, and overall well-being. As a dog groomer in Australia, starting a grooming business can be a rewarding and profitable venture, considering the increasing demand for professional grooming services and the willingness of pet owners to invest in the care of their furry companions.

Benefits and Challenges of Starting a Dog Training & Grooming Business!




Growing Market:  The pet grooming products market in Australia has experienced remarkable growth, with a valuation of USD 151.23 million in 2021. This upward trend is projected to continue at a significant CAGR of 9.06% throughout the forecast period. The surge in pet adoption, coupled with the emergence of innovative pet grooming services, and a heightened emphasis on pet health, collectively contribute to the robust expansion of this market.

High Demand: The demand for dog grooming services has reached unprecedented heights in Australia. Forecasts indicate that the market’s revenue is expected to reach a staggering USD 248.42 million by 2027. Pet owners have become increasingly aware of the crucial role grooming plays in their pets’ overall well-being, health, and hygiene. As a result, the demand for professional dog grooming services continues to soar, reflecting the growing importance placed on maintaining pets’ optimal care.

Lucrative Opportunities: With a growing pet population and increasing per-household spending on dogs, there is a significant demand for dog grooming products and services. This presents lucrative opportunities for dog groomers to capitalise on the market demand.

Flexible Schedule: Starting your own dog grooming business allows you to have flexibility in setting your own schedule. You can determine the working hours that suit you and your clients, providing a better work-life balance.

Low Overhead Costs: Initially, you can start your dog grooming business from home, eliminating the need for a physical storefront or office space. This helps in reducing overhead costs and allows you to focus on delivering quality grooming services.

Personal Satisfaction: As a dog groomer, you have the opportunity to work with dogs and help improve their well-being. This can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, especially for those who have a passion for working with animals.

Continuous Learning: To stay competitive and provide high-quality services, dog groomers and trainers need to stay updated with the latest grooming techniques, industry trends, and pet health knowledge. Continuous learning and professional development are essential to succeed in the industry. Our Dog Grooming and Dog Training courses offer the opportunity to continue learning and developing your skills.



Competition: The dog grooming industry in Australia is highly competitive. To stand out from your competitors, it’s important to analyse the market thoroughly and find ways to differentiate your services. By understanding the specific needs and preferences of pet owners, you can tailor your offerings to attract and retain customers. Providing exceptional experiences and value-added services will give you an advantage in this competitive market.

Physical Demands: Dog grooming requires physical stamina and the ability to handle dogs of different sizes and temperaments. The nature of the work can be physically demanding, especially for long grooming sessions or dealing with difficult dogs. While sometimes difficult, this gives you the opportunity to stay fit on the job!

Business Management and Profit Margins: Starting a dog grooming business involves not just grooming skills but also business management responsibilities. You need to handle marketing, customer service, inventory management, bookkeeping, and other administrative tasks. The gross margins in the dog grooming industry are typically around 20%, which can make it challenging to achieve high profitability. It’s crucial to carefully manage expenses and pricing to ensure financial sustainability. Luckily The Career Academy offers the Start Your Own Business course so you can navigate the pitfalls of business ownership.