The Career Academy Terms and Conditions of Enrolment via Open Colleges

1 Introduction

1.1.1 These terms and conditions apply to students enrolling into a course with The Career Academy Australia via Open Colleges.

1.1.2 These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time. Students should check the website or learning platform regularly for the most up to date version. 

2 Admission and Enrolment

2.1.1 Students agree that they are enrolling into The Career Academy via Open Colleges and agree to abide by The Career Academy’s terms and conditions.

2.1.2 There are no academic prerequisites for any of The Career Academy’s courses.

2.1.3 The Career Academy will confirm a student’s enrolment within 2 business days provided all required information and supporting documentation has been received. 

2.1.4 On confirming enrolment, course login details will be released to students by email.

2.1.5 The date on which the course login email is sent will be used as the student’s formal enrolment date.

3 Cancellations, course extensions, completion & support resources

3.1 Course cancellation and refund

3.1.1 There is a cooling off period of 3 calendar days from the date of enrolment (Cooling Off Period). If a student cancels during the Cooling Off Period, they will receive a refund of the price, less a $100 administration fee. Subject to any rights under Consumer Law, no refunds will be provided outside of the Cooling Off Period.

3.1.2 However, a student will not be entitled to a refund in the Cooling Off Period if the student has downloaded, viewed or accessed over 10% of the content, or accessed and completed any assessment within the Course.

3.2 Course extension

3.2.1 The Career Academy’s courses are designed to be completed within set timeframes. Students will have six months to complete their course with The Career Academy from the date of enrolment.

3.2.2 If students needs more time to complete their course, they may apply for a 1 month or 3 month extension to the existing course online at An extension fee will be charged and will be payable to The Career Academy, which may include an additional cost for access to the Xero.

3.2.3 Students are permitted only one extension per course. Subsequent requests for a course extension may be approved only at the discretion of a Senior Manager.

3.2.4 If students do not complete a course by the defined end date and an extension is not paid for prior to the course end date, the enrolment period will expire, the course content will no longer be accessible and it will be considered that the student has abandoned their course.

3.3 Course completion

3.3.1 Upon successful completion, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement from The Career Academy, and be provided with access to the Official Xero Certification.  

3.3.2 Once issued, the Certificate of Achievement will be made available online. Hard copy certificates and academic transcripts are available for a fee at

3.4 Student support resources

3.4.1 Course add-ons such as course notes and Student ID cards will be released after the student’s cooling off period.

3.4.2 The Career Academy offers additional products (known as “add-ons”) which are designed to improve students’ learning experience and support their studies. Add-ons may be viewed and purchased at

3.4.3 After a student’s enrolment, The Career Academy will be responsible for all learning, technical and support issues that a student may face and require assistance for. Students must direct all such enquiries to The Career Academy and not Open Colleges.

4 Assessment

4.1 Assessment guidelines

4.1.1 For each module, students’ learning will be assessed via a written assessment and/or a quiz.

4.1.2 It is the student’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the assessment requirements for their course.

4.1.3 Students must submit only their own work for assessment.  

4.1.4 All assignments must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the enrolment end date.

4.1.5 Where an assignment is submitted during the two weeks before the enrolment end date, students will need to apply for an extension to ensure they can access tutor feedback and receive their certificate(s).

4.2 Assessment grading

4.2.1 Assessments will usually be graded within 5 business days of submission, but grading may be delayed where there are high volumes of assessments.

4.2.2 Tutors will grade each assessment according to marking schedules. Assessments will be subject to internal and external moderation.

4.2.3 For written assessments, students will receive a grade of either “pass” or “resubmit required” grade. For quiz assessments, students will receive a percentage grade. The passing grade is 80%.

4.2.4 Students who marginally fail an assessment may be considered for a restricted pass. This will be at the discretion of the Global Tutor Team Leader. No more than two restricted passes may be granted per course.

4.2.5 A student may appeal their grade, or any aspect of the assessment process, by submitting a completed Student Assessment Appeal Form. This form can be obtained by emailing The student’s work and grade will be reviewed by the Global Tutor Team Leader. An appeal must be submitted within 10 business days of the grade being issued.

4.3 Resubmission

4.3.1 A maximum of three submissions per assessment will be permitted

4.3.2 If an assessment does not receive a “pass” grade on the third attempt, and is not eligible for a restricted pass, the student’s work will be reviewed by The Career Academy Global Tutor Team Leader who will decide, at their sole discretion, whether the student:

  • May pay a fee to be allowed to make one further, final submission; or
  • Must re-enrol in the course and begin from topic one, if they wish to complete the course and receive a course certificate.

4.3.3 If the student no longer wishes to complete the course, or has received a “fail” grade on their last permissible attempt, they may elect to receive an exit qualification. This will take the form of an academic transcript of the course modules completed, or the individual certificates for courses completed as part of a diploma.

5 Academic integrity

5.1 Plagiarism

5.1.1 Students must ensure that all work submitted is their own work, written in their own words.

5.1.2 Plagiarism is not tolerated at The Career Academy. Plagiarism includes:

  • Copying text or images from The Career Academy course material.
  • Copying text or images from other resources.
  • Submitting another student’s work, in whole or in part.
  • Submitting work that has been written by someone else on the student’s behalf. 

5.1.3 If a student submits work that The Career Academy considers not to be their own work, the student will be given a warning and required to resubmit the assessment. If the student continues to submit work that is not their own, the student will fail the course and will not receive a Certificate of Achievement.

6 Complaints and feedback

6.1 Feedback

6.1.1 The Career Academy encourages and welcomes student feedback.  

6.1.2 Throughout and at the end of every course students are encouraged to provide feedback on the course and their learning experience. Feedback may be used for marketing purposes. If a student does not wish their feedback to be used in this way, they should advise The Career Academy Australia by emailing

6.2 Complaints

6.2.1 Any complaints about a student’s course should be emailed to

6.2.2 Depending on the nature of the complaint, it will be referred to either the relevant Team Leader or the Senior Management Team.

6.2.3 Complaints will be reviewed and responded to within five working days.

7 Privacy

7.1 General principles

7.1.1 The Career Academy will collect, use, store, and disclose personal information relating to students in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988. 

7.1.2 Where provision or disclosure of information is voluntary or falls outside the scope of information The Career Academy is permitted to collect, store, use and disclose under the Privacy Act 1988, students will be advised, and their consent will be obtained prior to the provision or disclosure of information.

7.2 Collection of personal information

7.2.1 Where practicable all personal information is obtained directly from students, or from their nominated agent(s). Additionally, information may be obtained or verified through relevant government or education agencies.

7.3 Use of personal information

7.3.1 Personal information will be stored within The Career Academy database(s) and all practicable security measures will be maintained. A unique identifier will be assigned to each student.

7.3.2 Staff members and other personnel within The Career Academy or within agencies under contract to The Career Academy will have access to select students’ personal information for purposes relevant to normal educational institute operations including but not limited to: enrolment, study, academic progress, payment services, establishing and maintaining academic and graduation records, student services, discipline, managing students’ association(s) membership and records.

7.3.3 In order to conduct its proper business and as required under the Education Act 2013 and other laws, regulations, and contractual agreements by which it is bound, The Career Academy may use the student information it holds and may disclose personal information to external agencies such as government departments, bodies responsible for course moderation and professional accreditation or membership and debt collection agencies. Such agencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Department of Education
  • Immigration Home Affairs Australia (for students who are not AU citizens or don’t hold any resident or working-class visas)
  • Relevant professional bodies
  • Course moderation or accreditation bodies

7.3.4 From time to time, The Career Academy may email students about other courses and offers that may be of interest to them. If a student does not wish to receive these emails, they should advise The Career Academy by emailing

7.4 Access to personal information

7.4.1 Open Colleges will provide student’s personal information and this will be stored within The Career Academy database(s) as per 7.3.1. The Career Academy will make information held about students available to them upon request and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

7.4.2 Students also have the right to request correction of personal information held about them.

7.4.3 A student who wishes to request access to their personal information, or to have it corrected, should email The Career Academy at