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Hiromi’s story

A mum starting a new career!


We sat down with Hiromi and a had a brief chat about her studies with The Career Academy


Tell us a little bit about yourself…


I’m Hiromi, born and raised in Auckland, NZ (after a short stint in Rarotonga). My family and I moved back to Auckland before I started school. I went on to complete a Bachelor of Education at Auckland University and was an educator within an early childcare centre for over three years. I moved to London in 2010 and did a couple of years teaching and nannying. After having a couple of kids of my own, I decided I wanted a career change and had a general interest in Bookkeeping.


How did you hear about The Career Academy?


My Mum referred me on to The Career Academy as she had done some freelance work for the company and knew about the different courses on offer.


What course did you study?


I completed the Certificate in Bookkeeping. This course was good, I liked being able to do the entire course at home, my daughter was only 10 weeks at the time, so I appreciated having the flexibility to study within my own pace. I could choose which days I wanted to commit to study – so I was able to balance study with my personal life.


How did you hear about the vacancy at The Back Office Company?


I received an email from the Career Centre which had information about the role and instructions on how to apply. I applied for the role and also emailed the Career Centre – a Career Coach gave me a call to discuss the role in further detail.


You got the job! Congratulations! How are you enjoying your role at The Back Office Company?


Thank you! It’s going really well, there has been lots of training and mentoring (once a week) and I am really enjoying the challenge of something new. I am able to establish a new career around the kids and it fits in really well with family life. A new challenge is always good! I really appreciate the support from The Back Office Company – they have really helped me progress into this role and without the support it wouldn’t be possible for me to do this role.


What do you do in your downtime?


My life is centred around the kids, I love being a Mum and spending time with kids is really important to me.


Thanks for your time today Hiromi – all the best with your new career at The Back Office Company!