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Ethical Hacking Course Bundle Course Guide

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Ethical Hacking Course Bundle Course Guide

Introduction to setting up a variety of hacking offensive labs to practice ‘capture the flag’ exercises to learn specific security skills.
Lab Preparation using Kali Linux – a digital forensics and penetration testing and VirtualBox which allows you to run multiple machines inside the Kali Linux computer through virtualisation
  • Lab Preparation using EVM: 1 from VulnHub – a beginner-level, intentionally vulnerable virtual machine created for the purposes of testing and strengthening one’s abilities.
  • Scanning by attackers to identify services that exploit the system and Enumeration by extracting user names
  • Attack Techniques using Exploitation and Privilege Escalation
Installing a Lab file, setting up the Lab and a walkthrough of using the tool
  • Lab Preparation to exploit an CTF-SQL Injection Vulnerability to gain access
  • CTF – SQL Injection to Shell walkthrough of using the tool


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