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Certificate in Family Counselling Course Guide

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Certificate in Family Counselling Course Guide

This course explores family dynamics, encompassing traditional and non-traditional structures, cultural influences, and life cycle stages. Topics include roles within families, societal shifts, and diverse compositions. It delves into patriarchal and matriarchal systems, addressing contemporary challenges and adaptations within modern families.
This course discusses culture shock, migration stress, coping with job loss, and family crises. It covers stages of culture shock, symptoms of crises, and impacts on individuals and families. Topics include substance misuse, PTSD, and warning signs in teenagers, offering insights into navigating challenging life transitions and situations.
This course explores family therapy, covering aspects like family history, common problems, past treatments, and the evolution of therapy. Topics include abuse, schizophrenia’s familial impact, and influences from social work and group dynamics, offering insights into effective therapeutic approaches within family dynamics.
This course covers family therapy principles, emphasising problem identification, genogram construction, and tailored interventions. It promotes healing through open communication, empowerment, and resilience-building, addressing issues like divorce, abuse, and substance misuse. Genograms aid in understanding family dynamics, while community genograms broaden cultural context.
This course explores diverse support structures for families, encompassing extended family, social workers, community services, disability support, addiction, separation, and more. It emphasizes tailored assistance, from counselling to practical aid, aiming to enhance family well-being amid various challenges like disability, addiction, and relationship breakdowns.
This course explores diverse family therapy approaches: Family Systems, Adlerian, Transgenerational, Human Validation Process, and Experiential. Each approach highlights unique aspects, such as family dynamics, birth order, communication patterns, self-differentiation, and spontaneous techniques, all aimed at fostering positive change within familial relationships.
This course explores diverse family therapy approaches including Structural, Strategic, and Social Constructionist methods. Key concepts include family structure analysis, boundary dynamics, and narrative reframing. Therapists aim to empower families, foster collaboration, and find solutions, integrating techniques from multiple theories for effective practice.
This course introduces family therapy principles, emphasizing thorough assessment, genograms, and initial interviews to identify issues. Key stages include joining, assessment, and commitment. Techniques like tracking and tentative hypotheses help understand family dynamics, fostering trust and equipping families with coping skills for resolving conflicts collaboratively.
This course covers multicultural family therapy, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging cultural backgrounds, seeking constructive resolutions to family problems, and providing flexible treatment for child sexual abuse, involving multidisciplinary teams. It explores various therapy options, including group and dyadic treatments, focusing on reducing future abuse risks.


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