Our Animal Care courses can lead to lots of opportunities

Get your career in caring for animals started with our professionally designed courses. Not only does The Career Academy provide exclusive animal psychology, grooming and training related courses, but our accredited business pathways get you on-track to opening your own animal care business.
Plus, we donate a portion of all proceeds to the RSPCA!

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“An amazing experience.”

“This is an amazing experience. I’m studying “Dog Psychology and Training” and the course is easy to follow and well laid out. My tutor is lovely and leaves very helpful comments on all my assessments. I feel supported through my course and this is a great platform for learning and bettering your knowledge to lead to new job opportunities as well..” – M. Hammer
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Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming Banner

Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming

  • Advanced-level dog grooming course
  • Learn the higher level need to know concepts of professional dog groomers
  • Perfect for those currently or looking to work as Dog Groomer
  • Developed by dog grooming experts

12 Months, ~200 hours 2 Course Adv. Cert
Business Starter
Dog Training Business Banner

Dog Training Business Pathway

If you love canines, and want to work for yourself, what could be better than owning your own dog related business? In this course you will learn how to care for pet dogs, the theories behind training them, and finally move on to the Start Your Own Business program.

12 Months, ~400 hours 27 Module Course
Dog Training Banner

Dog Psychology, Behaviour & Training

Our online course will teach you about canine psychology, senses and behaviour, and you’ll learn basic dog and obedience training techniques. This course will provide invaluable information for anyone who owns dogs, works with dogs currently, or plans to work with dogs in the future.

6 Months, ~140 hours 9 Module Course
Dog Grooming Banner

Dog Grooming Business Pathway

  • Perfect for those who want to work for themselves & start their own dog grooming business
  • Learn how to care for pet dogs, grooming essentials, and how to start your own business
  • Receive 1-to-1 mentoring from an expert dog groomer to accelerate your progress

18 Months, ~300 hours 3 Course Bundle
Certificate in Animal Care Banner

Certificate in Animal Care

  • Receive unlimited support from our experienced tutors
  • Anybody considering pursuing work in a veterinary clinic
  • Learning 100% online, at your own pace

6 Months, ~140 hours 10 Module Course
Certificate in Dog & Pet Grooming Banner

Certificate in Dog & Pet Grooming

  • Introductory level dog grooming course
  • Learn the need to know key concepts required by dog groomers
  • Become a professional dog groomer or start your own business
  • Developed by dog grooming experts

6 Months, ~140 hours 10 Module Course

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Animal care qualifications can lead to lots of opportunities. If you have a deep-seated love of animals, then any one of the courses offered by The Career Academy could be just what your after. It’s a growing business that can provide you with a number of work openings in dog training, pet grooming and animal care. 

Absolutely. Whether you’ve already got some experience in grooming and want to increase your knowledge base, or you want to get your foot in the door as a grooming apprentice, the Advanced Certificate Dog Grooming will be for you. To begin with, you will learn about the care requirements of dogs, and all about their health. Then, in the second portion, you will be introduced to concepts and facts which are crucial to any groomer. Plus, you’ll received expert guidance and unlimited tutor support throughout your course.

The Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming is an absolute must. With this qualification, you will be an attractive candidate as a grooming apprentice, and can commence practical experience with confidence. Plus, many students also go on to start their own Dog Grooming Business. 


A Dog Grooming course with The Career Academy can take approximately 200 hours. You’ll have 24/7 access to your online course material and up to 12 months to complete.